The Not So Perfect Girl

No, I’m not perfect. I have flaws. No I’m not always confident about my body , my cloths , or my behaviour . But I’m sure about one thing and that’s WHO I AM !! Surviving in a society which actually would make you feel conscious about every bit of you ! Each time they […]

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Stand Alone

Have you ever felt that urge to cut your self away from everyone ? To just run away and start over again !! When you just cant take all that going on around you ?? When it feels as if you are drowning and trying really hard to come to the surface !! Sometimes it […]

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A Walk Towards Love

Each time someone asked me what love was for me , it came like a flash in front of my eyes . That day when I must have been a little girl , all so unaware of the meaning of love but that look in my father’s eyes while he looked at my mother with […]

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